Размещен 08/21/2013 15:58

New Promo Tool: Dynamic Instant Messenger Widget

Dear Affiliates,


Instant Messenger promo has been enhanced with a new option - Dynamic Instant Messenger Widget!

It's catching visitor's eye and provoking good CTR! 


Grab your code right here.

Размещен 08/19/2013 18:42

Office Closed 20th of August Due To Holiday

Hey guys, we have a holiday here and therefore our office will be closed during this Tuesday. See you on 21st of August!


Kind regards,


Размещен 08/12/2013 16:55

Live Cams at Your Website! New Amazing Promo Tool!

Dear Affiliates,


We are proud to present a new Dynamic Banner tool, which is made of LIVE-video streams from actual models' chat-rooms! It has absolutely fantastic fresh look, which results in HIGHEST CTR you've ever seen!
Dynamic Banner can be customized to fit any color scheme, plus you can manually select it's size. It's absolutely amazing! Check it Live at your BongaCash Admin Panel.


Along with an updated Promo Tools, we have DOUBLED your earnings from Russian traffic. Call it insane, but BongaCash is now paying $0,50 for each Free Member Registration from Russia, Israel, Serbia and Croatia!

Размещен 07/31/2013 14:35

PPS Rates Are Increased Again!

Dear Affiliates,


PPS rates are now doubled for these countries:



You are now earning $0,50 instead of $0,25 from Free Member Registrations from countries mentioned above! 

Размещен 05/09/2013 15:23

Important Update To Your Payout

Dear Affiliates,


During the last months we are seeing an increased interest to our affiliate program which caused our payees list to grow up significantly and therefore it's no longer possible to proces all payouts within one day as it was before. In order to add some consistency and make sure that everything is done in time, payouts now will be processed within 7 days since hold period ends.


Thank you for understanding and cooperation!