Размещен 07/03/2024 00:00

New setting: Landing Language! 🆕 Auto-detection of site language version!

Dear partners!


We have great news for you!


A new parameter, "Landing Language," has been added to campaign settings! 🌍


You can now specify how the site language version will be determined when users visit BongaCams via your promo materials.


⚙️Just choose one of three options:

Default – language is determined by the user’s IP on the desktop version and the user’s browser language on the mobile version.

Depends on the user's IP – applies to all devices.

Depends on the user's browser language – applies to all devices.


The setting is available both when creating and editing campaigns.


Use the new "Landing Language" parameter to set the site’s language and monetize your traffic even more effectively! ⚡️